Summer Front Porch Styling

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Our front porch has unfortunately been neglected since we bought our home. At first I tried sprucing it up with a red coat of paint, but ultimately we decided to replace our wood door with a craftsman style front door.  We had it painted a light grey and it just never brought the wow factor we wanted. 

So this summer, I decided it was time to put a little bit of effort into our front porch. I started by painting the door a light black/dark grey. I then ordered magnetic address numbers for the door, and bought a stylish ribbon to add to my boxwood wreath to make it pop. Also, we decided to add ferns and some colorful flowers, to make it pop, and put little American Flags in them as a little 4th of July decor! 

We are preparing our house to sell next spring and landscaping is something we have definitely slacked off on. Hoping this is the start of finding motivation to get the outside of our home spruced up! 

Who else did some summer porch updating?

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