A's Snow White Birthday Party!

Sunday, May 13, 2018

We celebrated A turning the big 5 this weekend! For months, and by months, I mean almost a year, she has been talking about having a Snow White birthday party. Totally random, as I don't even know if she has ever even seen the movie, but if that's what she wants then I was gonna make it happen.

We had her birthday party at her school's indoor playground, which literally has no windows (hence the terrible lighting on the photos), so decorating was quite the challenge. But none the less I think it turned out super cute and she had a great time! 

Almost everything besides the cupcake toppers and crowns were purchased from the Dollar Tree which made this party super budget friendly! Even the miniature sparkling apple cider bottles were a total hit with the kids!

Stay tuned for pics from Little Man's Lumberjack party! 

Ainsley's Classy Cute Big Girl Room

Thursday, May 10, 2018

Yesterday you got to take a peek at Gunner's space and today is Miss A's room.

Everyone always asks me where her toys are, so I will go ahead and answer that first. 
A. She has a walk in closet and has several toys in there.
B. The kids also have a playroom which is where 90% of their toys are.

When we bought the house her room was painted an awful pink color and I couldn't wait to get new paint on the walls. I have always loved white walls, and finally decided on Sherwin Williams Alabaster White for her room. It is so clean and bright, and makes it feel airy even when it is cloudy outside. 

Here is a list of where most things are from:

Chandelier: Target
Curtains: Lush brand from Walmart
Rose Bedding: Pottery Barn Teen
Comforter: Target
Pillows: Opal House by Target
Music Artwork: Hearth and Hand at Target
Mirror: Target
Shelves: DIY
Dresser: Babies R US
Floral Pictures: Hobby Lobby
Lamps: Hobby Lobby
Greenery: Hobby Lobby
Pink Stool: Hobby Lobby

Hope you enjoyed checking out Miss A's room. Stay tuned for more peeks of our new home!

Gunner's Modern Adventure Nursery

Wednesday, May 9, 2018

We moved in at the end of February, and we have been busy ever since doing projects around our house to make it feel more like home. It was a new construction, so basically, very plain. We bought it after it was built so we didn't get to pick out anything in it, but still we love it and can't wait to make it more our own. For now, the only two rooms in the house that are done are the kids rooms. And by done I mean, they have stuff where it needs to go. I still plan on doing accent walls in both of their rooms, but until I decide what I want exactly, this will be how their rooms will look. 

Up first is little man's room. His room really has no theme. I mainly just started with black, white, and green and went from there. I like to call it, modern adventurer style. 

Here is a breakdown of where most of the things came from:

Chandelier: Target
Crib: Amazon
Crib Bedding and Baskets: Target
Shelves: Hobby Lobby
Eye Chart: Amazon
g Wall Art: Etsy
Curtains: Walmart
Green Lanterns: Thrifted
Dresser: Bargain Hunt- Serta Brand
Globe: Target
Wood Cart: Kirklands
Army Men Bookends: Marshalls
Changing Pad Cover: Etsy

Hope you enjoyed a peek at his little space! 

We've Moved!

Tuesday, May 8, 2018

I realize that it is middle of May and I am just now getting around to sharing this. That should tell you just how crazy busy our life has been the last few months.

In January, we made the decision to sell our home. Mainly because we needed more space, and home values had soared and we knew we could pay off several things by doing so.

I will write another post on our whole experience, and tips and tricks we learned along the way, because let me tell you, if it could go wrong, it did. But for now I just wanted to share the listing pictures as a final good-bye to that era of our life. We put a lot of blood, sweat and tears into this house, and while we are super grateful and excited to be making memories in our new home, this home will always be special to me as it was our first home as a family and the home where we brought our son home to. 

We've been busy doing lots of project on the new home and I cannot wait to share them with you soon! 

Baby Sleeping Essentials- Best Items for Sleep Training Baby

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

I am going to be the first person to admit that having two kids, has been the hardest thing I have ever done. Mainly, because I wasn't prepared for the fact that my kids were designed to be different. From the day Gunner was born I had it in my mind that I would do everything the same way I did with Ainsley, because why not, she turned out great. Truth is, they couldn't be more opposite, and everything that worked for Ainsley, down to the type of bottle she took, simple didn't work for Gunner. 

Ainsley has always been an amazing sleeper. Always. By 3 months old she was sleeping through the night. She is 4 and a half and still takes 2-3 hour naps every day. So I always assumed that if I just did everything the way I did it with Ainsley, Gunner too would be an amazing sleeper. WRONG. There were days I didn't know how I was going to survive on such little sleep, especially when Chris deployed when he was only 2 months old, and I had to be a single parent for a few months. The only way I can describe the first 6 months of Gunner's life in regards to his sleeping habits is, non-existent. The kid didn't sleep. He would get up 5, 6, sometimes 7 times a night. We would always start out in his swing, then he would always end up in bed with me, and then I couldn't sleep. It wasn't good for anybody. 

I kept asking for advice on what to do, and finally it was Chris who brought the hammer down. Once he got home, he said enough was enough, and moved Gunner to his crib once and for all. We agreed we were going to begin only giving him 1 bottle at night time around 1-2 am. And, anytime he cried, he had to cry for 10 minutes before we would go in there. Within a few nights he was sleeping longer and longer. He would wake up a time or two, cry for a few minutes, and then go back to sleep. It was a game changer for us. I finally had my bed back to myself, he was finally sleeping through the night, and everyone was much happier. While it sounds like we just started putting him in his crib, there was a lot more to it than that. 

Before we moved him to his crib, I started doing research on the best methods for sleep training, and the best items that helped. What I am about to tell you is what worked for us. It very well may not work for you. I spent the first six months of his life trying so many different things, until I finally found a few items that helped be game-changers in Gunner's sleeping habits. 

These are the items that I personally have had success with in helping in the sleep training of our 6 month old:

1. Merlin's Magic Sleep Suit

Gunner started using this around 3 months old when we quit using swaddles, and still uses it to this day. I honestly don't know what we are going to do when he grows out of is because he loves his sleep suit. It is weighted so it definitely helps soothe them, and also keeps them warm so you don't have to worry about baby getting cold if you choose not to let them sleep with a blanket (we don't.) Do I think this suit is magic? No. By itself it didn't do squat for Gunner's sleeping habits. But paired with everything else, it definitely helps him sleep. 

2.  Lavender Essential Oil and Diffuser

I am going to be honest and admit to you that I was not a believer in the whole essential oil fad. I can't tell you how many people told me to try this and I just brushed them off because I thought they were crazy. Hear me when I tell you this: The first night I bought this oil and a diffuser and put it in his room, was the FIRST night he slept all night. I even tried an experiment where I left the diffuser off, he woke up 3 times that night. If the diffuser is on, he sleeps anywhere from 10-12 hours. I would absolutely recommend trying this to everyone, but until you know if they are allergic, make sure you keep an eye on their breathing, etc. 

3.  Owlet Monitor

Okay so, this one is probably more so for me then him, but is so so important. When I was pregnant with Gunner I had heard about the Owlet, but said numerous times that I would never pay $300 for something like that, and that a video monitor would be sufficient. It wasn't until someone in one of my mom groups lost her baby to SIDS that I finally decided I couldn't put a price on my baby's safety, and that SIDS can literally happen to anyone at anytime. So I began researching the owlet and learned that it has already saved over 10 babies lives who likely would have died from SIDS without it. They also offer monthly payment plans with 0% interest so that it can be more affordable. I know $300 is a lot of money to shell out at one time, and I think it is amazing that this company tries to make such an amazing product affordable in a way that it get into the hands of more parents. In a nutshell the sock goes on the babies foot and it monitors their heart rate and oxygen levels. If the levels drop below a certain threshold and alarm sounds on your phone and on the base station to let you know something is wrong. If the sock is on incorrectly or falls off, the alarm will also go off to alert you. Why do I think this is important for sleep training? For starters it gives you piece of mind. Well rested parents are just as important as a well rested baby. Before I got this monitor I was constantly getting up and checking to make sure he was still breathing. Now I can pull the app up on my phone and it tells me his heart rate and oxygen levels so I know he is ok. It also tells you when they are moving, which can help you determine when sleep training, when to go in and check on them, or when to leave them to try to fall back asleep. I really cannot say enough good things about the owlet, and I encourage everyone, as soon as you find out you're expecting, try to put back $10 a week, and by the time baby gets here, you can gave an owlet paid for. It will literally be the best $300 you spend on your baby, I promise. 

4. Crib Wedge

This last thing is something that we also used for Ainsley and it worked well for her. The crib wedge allows their head to be elevated, which is especially important for babies with reflux, and also has padding on the sides to help them feel more secure. As Gunner becomes more active in his crib, we will likely have to stop using it, but for now, it helps keep him in one spot and he likes the security of having something touching him. 

So those are the top 4 recommendations I have if you are thinking about sleep training your baby. We started sleep training right around 6 months and feel it was a great age to start teaching Gunner how to self soothe and sleep on his own. He will 7 months in a few days and I can tell you, all we have to do now is lay him in his crib and he puts himself to sleep. We don't have to rock him or feed him or soothe him. He does it all on his own. 

I hope this is able to help someone who may be on the same struggle bus that I was. If you also tried sleep training, did any of these items work well for you? 

The evolution of a door

Monday, November 6, 2017

I have always dreamed of having a mansion sized walk in pantry, but when you live in a 1700 sq. foot house, I quickly realized that was not going to be happening. 

So I DIY'ed, a small scale, dream pantry.

First, let's take a look at what our pantry door looked like over the last 2 years...

When we first moved in:

When I decided I wanted to be bold: 

When I decided less was more:

And now, my dream mini-pantry:

I found this door for $50 at a local antique shop. It was the perfect shade of blue, just enough to add a subtle pop of color to the space. We then decided to DIY a sliding rail for it using plumbers pipe, and casters for the bottom so we didn't have to install a track. I also purchased new baskets so that it would look more organized, and ordered a "Pantry" decal to go on the glass (I took this picture before I put the decal on!). It looks amazing and so much more eye catching that the plain jane door that was up there. I know it is nothing fancy, but it definitely makes me feel happy seeing this space. The whole project (baskets and all) was less than $125 and made a huge statement in this part of our house. 

You can find the link here to the tutorial we used to hang our new door. 

I will share more details soon about how I organized the pantry inside, but I couldn't wait to share this door with you all. Who else loves sliding doors but not the price tag?